Server Management

Hire Linux and Windows Server admins for your company who can provide 24 * 7 server technical support with the White Label service.

Server Setup

For Small Business

28.45 €

One Time
  • Linux/Windows OS
  • Control Panel Installation
  • Apache/Nginx Setup
  • PHP versions and extentions
  • phpMyAdmin
  • FTP and Webmail solution
  • Hostname Setup
  • Basic Security Tools
  • IIS manager - Windows OS
  • SQL express - Windows OS
  • Backup Schedule Daily/Weekly*
  • Step by Step Guidance*

Server Optimization

For Hosting Company

85.35 €

  • Implement Security
  • Apache and MySQL Optimization
  • Firewall and SSH rules
  • Spam Control
  • Patching and Hardening
  • Panel Optimization
  • Caching and Gzip Compression
  • Reduce latency with a CDN
  • 3 Tickets Support After Service*
  • Server Migration*
  • Disk space analysis*

Server Management

For Development Company

130.87 €

  • Implement Security
  • Apache and MySQL Optimization
  • Firewall and SSH rules
  • Spam Control
  • Patching and Hardening
  • Server and MySQL fine-tuning
  • Panel Optimization
  • Backup Schedule and Recovery Plan*
  • Premium Support
  • Optimization with Developers
  • 60 Tickets/Month with 4 hours SLA*
  • Disk space analysis*

Server Management

We at Active Servers are amongst one of the few companies that provide hosting with server support services! We have a strong base of satisfied and happy customers who have bestowed their trust in our services over the years!

We provide the best server management solutions in India for both operating systems, Linux / Windows including Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Azure. We provide support for a hosting control panel such as cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, or Virtualmin as well as servers running without control panel. Our expert guarantees quick solutions to all server issues. They find out the root causes of your server's poor performance and ensure quick resolution for the maximum uptime, slow server can down your website.

Our server management service gives you peace of mind and keeps you focused on growing your business. We Design Backup Strategy and ensuring scheduled / unscheduled backups as per the backup plan. With us, you can be rest assured about the installation and configuring Operating Systems, Application Software. We manage disk utility, connection monitor, user profile creation and user rights management.

There are many reasons for server failures - configuration errors, hardware issues, and more. With years of expertise and advanced methods of troubleshooting, our experts quickly discover the root cause of errors, downtime and implement improvements that prevent recurrence of issues.


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