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Cloud hosting with Cpanel, resource management, manage failure and instance scaling. Now achieve next-level performance and consistency with simplified management by Active Servers!

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  • 2 CPU Cores
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  • 2 GB
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  • 6 CPU Cores
  • Unlimited
  • 6 GB
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What is cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is considered today as one of the newest and most trending form of hosting. This form of hosting has become tremendously popular in the recent times. The main crux or to be precise concept of cloud hosting is said to be Divide Rule. The properties required for sustaining improving your website are spread across a bunch of servers that work collected, termed as the cloud. This significantly diminishes odds of any stoppages or interruptions in case of a server malfunction.

What is the difference between Cloud Hosting and Shared Hosting?

The difference between Cloud Hosting and Shared Hosting is simple. For instance when your website has been place on a server that by now already hosts multiple servers, it is said to be shared hosting. Usually in this setup, all realms share properties, such as RAM and CPU from the similar server. Whereas on the other hand cloud hosting propositions nearly limitless skills to handle high traffic. On Cloud, your website is presented not only on one but on numerous servers linked to work as one. Your websites don’t rest on on only one Server– even if one server is unreachable, the data is recovered and treated by the other obtainable servers with no lost time.

What is Varnish Cache

Varnish Cache is influential web request accelerators that can rapidity up a website by up to 1000 percent. Varnish is usually used for content centric websites who focus more on content. It is used by high-profile, high-traffic websites comprising of Wikipedia, online newspaper sites such as The New York Times, The Guardian, The Hindu, Corriere della Sera, social media and content sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and Tumblr. Out of the top 10,000 websites in the world one tenth of them use varnish cache.

cPanel for Management

Just like Shared Hosting - achieve your website and related services like Email and sub-domains with the ease and comfort of cPanel.

Resource Management

An instinctive control panel helps you keep an eye on the assets your website is using and its enactment. You can decide upon ramping the services as and when needed.

Blazing-Fast Load Time

With top-of-the-line hardware, Varnish caching - which supplies your site’s most used pages, and a internationally distributed CDN, your site is aided up to 2x faster. We provide you with cheap cloud hosting facilities without compromising in any way upon the quality of services being provided. We offer Cpanel services along with cloud hosting.

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